We're glad you stopped by to check out all of the flowers we have been "collecting" over the past six years.

Seven years ago, you could not have convinced either of us that we would be cutting down pine trees out front and replacing them with flower beds. Yet, here we are. So, come on in, sit a spell, have a cup of coffee, and browse our pages! Please note that these pages are still under construction and we are adding our new cultivars as we have time in between our travels and grandkids visits. :-) Our daylilies are sold onsite, we are not set up for shipping til next year.

If you are interested in purchasing daylilies via Postal Mail, try visiting some of our friends' gardens:

Daylily Delights Nursery
David and Doris Bishop's Shady Rest Gardens
Peace on Earth Gardens | Kathy's Daylilies
Country Lane Daylilies
| Joiner Daylily Gardens
Scott Elliott Daylilies | Bell's Daylily Garden

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